September 2011

Come see us play at the 2011 New England Pop Music Festival which is happening at the Rosebud Cafe in Davis Square, Somerville MA. The festival covers three nights, from September 15 to September 17, and we rock the house at 9:00PM on Friday, September 16. Lots of great bands! Reasonably priced beer! Awesome food!

Our first show with new drummer Adam Goodwin was this past August 10 at TT the Bear's Place. We had a great time opening for Seventh Ring of Saturn (from GA) and former Soledad Brother Brian Olive.

March 2011

Site redesign! Streaming audio! New MP3's! It's a whole new world since the last real update to this site. We've played out any number of times and with some awesome people, most recently at both "Deep Heaven Now" events here in Boston.

We continue to work on album number two. You know how long number two's can take, though. The tentative title is Girls Get Drugs For Free...!

December 2005

Another show! SUNDAY DECEMBER 18 2005 at TT THE BEARS. $6, 9PM, be there! We're playing with HALLELUJAH THE HILLS and EMERGENCY AT SUNRISE.

November 2005

Video killed the radio star but it won't kill us! The latest hot news is that the first video from Between Two Seconds will start filming soon! "Coordinate Zero" is the track, and the director is Warren Lynch, fresh off the release of his debut feature film, the sexy horror-comedy PONY TROUBLE.

October 2005

We need your cheers! We'll be playing as part of the Emergenza Festival on December 9, 2005 at the Middle East Upstairs. Winners are judged based on crowd response, so come on out with your voices and hands raised!

September 2005

It's time once again for another JOE TURNER & THE SEVEN LEVELS show! It's at PA's Lounge in Union Square, Somerville MA on November 9, 2005. We'll be playing with BRIGHT, who have a new record coming out on Strange Attractors that you will come to love as a family member.

June 2005

We played at TT the Bear's Place on Sunday June 5 along with Banana Hands and All Combinations. Check out the pictures and also the live review!

April 2005

Our entire live broadcast from WMBR's Pipeline show is now available! Click here for the MP3's.

JT&7L LIVE BROADCAST! We'll be playing live on the air and the internet on April 19 2005 on the WMBR-FM local music show Pipeline!. The fun starts at 9:00PM ET; local listeners can tune to 88.1FM, while those outside Boston can click on to listen in streaming stereo! There are high, medium, and low speed streams to choose from. We'll play for about 45 minutes and then chat a bit.

February 2005

Our first gig went swimmingly! We sold CDs, we got paid. Check out some goofy pics.

Our First Gig! Yes, it's the first public glimpse of your humble narrator and my stellar backing ensemble, THE SEVEN LEVELS, delivering the goods as we blast through the varied hues and layers of my acclaimed debut CD, "Between Two Seconds". We'll be holding a cosmic sea-shell of psych-pop up to your ears at AS220 (Providence RI's coolest art/performance space) on February 18 2005! Admission is $6, this is an ALL-AGES show, and the doors open at 9PM. More information at

Also playing are PLAN 9, who have been a Rhode Island institution of psych-rock for over 20 years. Trouser Press said of their debut LP:

"Outside of its art college, Rhode Island hasn't exactly been a storehouse for modern rock music. But the state has a group to be proud of in Plan 9, whose 'Frustration' is exciting garage psychedelia. The swirling, mesmerizing effect of four (!) guitars recalls the best of the late '60s and gives able support to Eric Stumpo's emotional vocals. There are no original songs here, just covers of period gems like Them's 'I Can Only Give You Everything.'"

Plan 9 went on to release more than 10 LPs on noted labels like Voxx, New Rose, Pink Dust, Enigma and Restless. Plan 9 will be debuting new material from their forthcoming (and long overdue) CD release. Melissa Emma will perform latin lap dance (poetic) with trance-e-dellic back-up. Past and present members of Plan 9 will be onstage, bringing together different incarnations of the band for the first time! You sould see as many as 9 Plan-9'ers. A must see & hear. (


December 2004

More reviews yet again! Woo.

October 2004

More reviews appearing each week! We can't complain much here at JT World HQ about that!!!.

Also: check it out, there's a show to attend! Details are hazy, but it appears to be spatially and temporally located at AS220 in Providence RI on Friday, January 28 2004. Check this space for more particulars.

June 2004

"Attention please! Attention please! Here is an important announcement for all citizens! All citizens, please play close attention! There are two important items..."

First, our central high command at Camera Obscura, deep in the deserts of Australia, has sent word that the CD is back from the pressing plant and is on its way to a fancy-shmancy boutique rekkid shop near you right now!

Second, a live group now exists and we are in full swing, rehearsing for an eventual live date later this summer. This is no mere "beat combo", oh no! This is a full-tilt seven-peice death-machine on wheels!

Stay tuned for more info. I tell you, I'm like a happy puppy peeing on the carpet.

May 2004

Between Two Seconds is finally done and off to the pressing plant. Look for it in stores starting around June!

January 2004

More recording fun! After a few marathon recording days this month, an additional four to five songs will now be on the upcoming July release of Between Two Seconds (CAM070CD). Ajda Snyder (Turkish Queen) added more flute and accordion as well as singing backup vocals with Helen McElwain (wife of Bright's Jay Dubois). Speaking of Bright, both Jay and Brightmeister Mark Dwinnell came down to play on the opening track.

December 2003

TWO goodies for this month!
  • First, the Free City Media CD "Further Adventures of the Telepathic Explorers" is now out to the general public. See below for more details.
  • Second, Australia's shining jewel, Camera Obscura Records, has agreed to release an expanded version of the "Dollar Star" CD-EP next year. No catalogue number yet (heck, there's no official title and two songs are still being finished!) but rest assured that it will see the light of day in 2004.

    November 2003

    ALMOST OUT NOW! The newest installment of the "International League of Telepathic Explorers" series, The Further Adventures of the Telepathic Explorers is about to be unleashed by my friends and yours at the supah fantastic Free City Media website and record label. It's got all kindza goodies on it, including new, rare and unreleased tracks by AqPop, Anton Barbeau, Nick Bensen & Jeff Sanders, The Bevis Frond, The Bitter Little Cider Apples, Dipsomaniacs, The God Box, The Heads, The Impossible Shapes, Kable, Lucky Bishops, Patrick Porter, Sh'Mantra, The Sunshine Fix Electric Blues Band, and Troll. (And, uh, me.) "A classic in the making!" says Free City's head honcho Nick Bensen. If it's like the last one, then I beleive him!

    June 2003

    Much fun was had on June 7, 2003 as I was part of the Boston Rock Opera's second (or technically fourth) production of Nilsson's "The Point!". I was also lucky enough to find myself singing on some highlights from the BRO's illustrious past 10 (12 actually) years, such as "Baron Saturday", "Happy Days Toy Town", "Time Warp", "Because", "Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/ The End", "She's Leaving Home", and "Bohemian Rhapsody".

    After much twiddling and a masterful mastering job by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, the EP is now available. Buy it with PayPal or make out a check or money-order to JOE TURNER, 20 OLNEY STREET, WATERTOWN MA, 02472.

    April 2003

    More guest stars! Heather McIntosh, who plays cello with the phenomenally talented Japancakes, ex-Olivia Tremor Controllers The Circulatory System, and The Instruments, was shanghaied during a recent Circulatory System tour stop in Boston to provide her bowing magic on "Not There Anymore" and "Coordinate Zero".

    "Turn Me Upside Down" is slated to appear on the next groovy compilation CD from the nice folks at San Francisco's Free City Media label. They put out last year's terrific "International League of Telepathic Explorers" CD compilation, which featured great tunes from The Bevis Frond, Bitter Little Cider Apples, thebrotheregg, Dipsomaniacs, Dunlavy, Lucky Bishops, Mandra Gora Lightshow Society, The Minders, Motorpsycho, Photon Band, Polar Arc, The Sand Pebbles, Adrian Shaw, Aquarium Poppers, and 33 Tiger Infinity. You can find more info as they release it from the Free City website at To celebrate this, Ajda Snyder came back to add some more of her fantastic flute talent all over the track. You'll have to buy the compilation to hear the final version!

    March 2003

    I had the honor of playing with ex-Can vocalist Damo Suzuki in New York City on March 16, along with Boston band Cul de Sac and legendary avant-jazz horn player Daniel Carter.

    AJDA SNYDER, Boston's one and only "Turkish Queen", stopped in to play a lovely bit of flute on the song "Not There Anymore". She's got her own webpage here.

    Ajda prepares to lay down the law, as transcribed.

    December 2003

    I played banjo and guitar for the Boston Rock Opera's production of Harry Nilsson's 1971 album "The Point!" as part of First Night 2003. We're doing it again on June 7, 2003 as part of the BRO's 10th anniversary show, also; see their website for more info.

    November 2002

    New MP3s! I added "Stella Luna" back into the rotation with some new vocals; all the songs have also been given a first pass at mastering so they sound a bit punchier.

    April 2002

    I got reviewed in the Noise! Read it here.