Joe Turner has always sung and played a variety of instruments, so when his previous outfit Abunai! called it quits last summer after five years, he got off their drum stool and back to work on some new sounds of his own. After the small distraction of organizing the universally loved Terrastock 5 festival was over, he began to make a year and half of unemployment worthwhile by focusing on his new solo sounds. Between Two Seconds runs a length of wire between meditative gauze-rock and full-on rocking psychedelia. He's got plenty of inspired experience to draw on, having played onstage with The Lilys, Barbara Manning, Damo Suzuki (Can), Brother JT, and Nick Saloman (Bevis Frond), as well as performing several times with the Boston Rock Opera. Joe's song contributions to Abunai! had left a clue as to the layered, melodious urges that he'd been harboring, and now those urges are ripe for the rock harvest.

Whether it's the huge harmonies that fill up "Coordinate Zero" (an audio picture-postcard from Amsterdam), the rock-solid drums and sharp guitar leads in "Perfect the First Time", a watery piano leading the way in "When the Day Crowd Leaves", or the muscular bass of "Stella Luna" --- written only after seeing, but not actually reading, the children's book of the same name --- Joe uses his unerring melodic sensibility to plunk stoned cyclical mantras onto the same skewer as twitchy psych-pop, delivering a delicious rock shishkebab to your plate.

Joe handles almost all the instruments and vocals himself on Between Two Seconds, but grabbed a few friends along for the ride: Bill Doss (Sunshine Fix, ex-Olivia Tremor Control) and Sam Mixon (Sunshine Fix) help out with vocals, Heather McIntosh (Circulatory System) adds her cello to several songs, Brendan Quinn (ex-Abunai!) contributes some squalling lead guitar, Ajda Snyder (Turkish Queen) breathes light into the proceedings with her amazing flute work, and Mark Dwinell (Bright) has just recently helped out with his own droney/melodic/off-kilter guitar. Between Two Seconds (which includes the Dollar Star EP) was produced and engineered by Joe (with some help from Joel Simches) and mastered in HDCD format by Jeff Lipton (Wheat, Magnetic Fields, Sebadoh) at Peerless Mastering.

The first video from Between Two Seconds is almost done! Check out this rough cut of the Coordinate Zero video!

When the Day Crowd Leaves appears on the soundtrack (and in the film) The Sacrifice, which is out now on DVD.

Turn Me Upside-Down appears on the compilation CD The Further Adventures of the Telepathic Explorers from Free City Media ( This year's installment features great tracks from Anton Barbeau, Bevis Frond, Dipsomaniacs, Discolor, The Heads, Hoyt, The Impossible Shapes, Kable, Lucky Bishops, Sh'Mantra, Troll, and others. Out NOW!

Photography by Kristen Goodfriend